Mysterious Legal Rapsody

A Mysterious Legal Rapsody

Yo, listen up ya’ll, I got a tale to tell
‘Bout legal minds and laws, so listen well
From Dubai court fees calculator to fixed-price contracts
I’ll lay it out for you, no need to backtrack

For those who seek, the path of the law
A MA in criminal law and forensic science may leave you in awe
But beware, a sheriff may come knocking at your door
To evict you without going to court, leaving you on the floor

New York, 2022, brings criminal laws anew
So stay informed, or they may come after you
And for those seeking court documents for legal guardianship
We’ve got the info, no need to worship

Tenants and landlords, listen here
For your rent contract, have no fear
Situational judgment tests and government legal service jobs
We’ve got what it takes, no need to sob

So here we are, at the end of our tale
With legal proximate cause and acceptance of offer in contract law, we’ll set sail
So take heed, and remember this track
For when it comes to the law, there’s no turning back