Legal Insights: The Rap Edition

Yo, listen up, I got some legal insights for you
From UK employment law to fishing grounds, here’s the scoop, boo
Got questions about how old a dependent can be for taxes?
Check it out here, no need to relax, it’s the facts

What about the Microsoft services agreement
From 2019, did it leave you feeling bent?
Get a grip, peep the details here
Legal insights for days, no need for fear

Need legal aid in Alberta, Red Deer?
Check out some options, make it clear
Legal aid in Alberta, no need to despair
Affordable help, they got your back, no need to beware

Have you received a breach of contract notice letter?
Don’t sweat it, legal remedies will make you feel better
Check out some sample templates and remedies here
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Thinking about a 1L legal internship, trying to land your first?
No need to be thirsty, get the scoop, it’s not the worst
Legal insights on how to land your first legal internship, no need to be cursed
Go get ’em, champ, you’re not the worst

So, you want to know the Singapore legal fishing grounds?
No need to make those fishing rounds
Get the info on rules and regulations here
Legal insights for your fishing adventures, no need to be bound