Legal Business Rap

Yo, I got the option to purchase business agreement,
Makin’ deals, I’m a legal sage.
In paises with legal euthanasia in 2022,
Where they pave the way for your final escapia.
UPMC and AHN, got a deal, what’s the appeal?
Legal aid in Fort Lauderdale, helpin’ folks with their legal ordeal.
The legal environment of electronic commerce,
Where the laws apply without remorse.
At Home Depot, findin’ contractors, no need to mope,
Follow the rules, don’t break the scope.
Pitching rules, gotta keep it legit,
Play by the book, don’t throw a fit.
Got a manager agreement contract,
Layin’ out the terms, that’s a solid fact.
CVS Health, with corporate integrity in their sights,
Showin’ the world they’re doin’ things right.
Understandin’ section and subsection in law,
Gotta know the details, no room for a flaw.