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With Bosstab’s security locks, you can confidently leave your tablet unattended, knowing it is safeguarded against unauthorized access. In addition, the software is designed to make running a restaurant simple and transparent. It can account for the cost of inventory, drill down into ingredient amounts required to create each food type and then show profit margin of each menu item.

  1. With a premium iPad stand, you can keep your device safe, charged, and looking professional.
  2. TouchBistro is a cutting edge Point-of-Sale software that can really help your business out.
  3. The Touch mount connects to the back of the tablet via a thin metal plate.
  4. This sleek, durable countertop solution supports effortless tap and card payments.
  5. TouchBistro offers employee management as part of the POS software but also integrates with other partners like 7Shifts to improve staff scheduling and reduce labor costs.
  6. So, whether you’re looking for a desktop stand, wall mount, or floor stand, be sure to shop the full range of tablet stands at Bosstab today.

The Touch tablet stand was carefully designed to display your tablet without the use of a case, clamps, or cords. Simply display your iPad how it was intended to be – thin, elegant, and unhindered. The Touch is ideal for desktop usage and comes with a variety of mounting options.

From holders for a perfect fit, security locks for peace of mind, to versatile mounting options for flexibility, Bosstab has everything you need to optimize your tablet stand. Elevate your tablet experience with our high-quality accessories and take full advantage of the convenience and versatility that tablets offer. When using bosstab countertop mount for square register customer display your tablet stand in public spaces or high-traffic areas, security is of utmost importance. Bosstab understands this concern and offers a range of lock options to keep your tablet safe and secure. These locks provide an extra layer of protection, deterring theft and ensuring that your tablet remains where it should be.

Payments. Software. Hardware. All by Square.

Times listed are after the order has shipped and only include business days. Place your order before 2PM and we will work hard to provide same day shipping. Connect with our customer support team for free help whenever you need it. We can create custom pricing packages for some businesses that process more than $250K in credit card sales.

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to connect your Square Register to a captive portal network. If your customer display is connected to a Bosstab Countertop Mount for Square Register and you are experiencing issues, please see our Bosstab Countertop Mount FAQ. With the top bracket now on your customer display, reattach it to the base by using the security key and screw. With the bracket mounting guide in position, place the top bracket in the cutout space of the guide. Loyal customers can then be recognized for their patronage with special offers and incentives, while patrons’ order histories can be viewed to better understand how effective the menu is.

With options for holder accessories, security locks, and mounting options, Bosstab ensures that you have the tools to optimize your tablet’s potential. Let’s explore how these accessories can take your tablet stand experience to the next level. When it comes to iPad stands, wall mounts are a popular choice for businesses. Wall mounts provide a secure and stable platform for your device and are great for businesses with limited counter or desk space. Plus, they allow you to position your iPad at the perfect height for easy viewing and access. Wall mounts come in a variety of styles and finishes, so you can choose one that fits your business’s aesthetic and branding.

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Plug one end into the customer display and the other end into the bottom of Register. Switch to Wi-FiIf you have a Wi-Fi network available, unplug the Ethernet cable and switch to Wi-Fi in Settings. Make sure to unplug the Ethernet cable since the device will default to using Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi if both are available. Confirm Square Register is connected to EthernetConfirm that you can see the Ethernet network status indicator in the top right corner of the status bar. If you don’t see the Ethernet network status indicator, try unplugging and plugging in the cable from the Ethernet port on the Hub and from the router or modem.

Handheld iPad Holder

If you’re in the market for an iPad stand, it’s important to choose one that meets your business’s needs. At [insert business name], we offer a full range of tablet stands that includes desktop stands, wall mounts, and floor stands. Our stands are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be durable, secure, and stylish.

When you turn on Square Register for the first time, you will be asked to complete some setup steps. Please follow the instructions to set up your time, time zone, language, and Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive located on the underside of the plate.

Connect Recommended Hardware to Square Stand

These include staff reports, sales reports and more detailed analytics that look at all the areas where a restaurant might be costing more money than it should. A solid feature of this software is its ability to cater to customer relationship management. The system allows staff to add customer details directly to the POS on an iPad and each customer can be assigned an account number. At the heart of the TouchBistro POS software is a truly intuitive menu management feature. This is where restaurateurs add the meals and items of their menu and change them when required. TouchBistro is designed for restaurants, bars, quick-service food outlets, food trucks and cafés.

Set Up Square Terminal

Position properly.Position the mounting plate onto the holes you’ve drilled, then insert a thumbscrew into each hole. From the underside of your counter, place a thumb nut onto each thumbscrew and tighten until the thumb nut is flush against your counter. Place the bracket mounting guide over the back of your customer display.

After you sign in, you can access the Square Point of Sale Setup Guide on your Square Register. The setup guide will walk you through setting up a bank account for transfers, creating items, ordering additional hardware, and more. TouchBistro is a cutting edge Point-of-Sale software that can really help your business out.

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