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Difference Between Bill of Lading and Bill of Entry that you must definitely know

As per the officials, a Bill of Entry can be acquired from the customs office or online through the official government site. For instance, an importer in India can fill a Bill of Entry by logging on to ICEGATE or request a clearance agent to do the needful in lieu of a nominal fee. Once […]

Скачайте Технический индикатор ‘Trading Sessions Indicator Free’ для MetaTrader 5 в магазине MetaTrader Market

А вот при внутридневной торговле, на графиках с периодом 1 час и ниже, наиболее благоприятный период для открытия сделок — с начала европейской и первые 2-3 часа американской сессии. По окончании этого периода стоит закрыть имеющиеся сделки и забыть о торговле до следующего дня. Поэтому любому трейдеру нужно иметь представление о торговых сессиях – периодах […]

General Ledger 101 Definition, Terms, Types, and Templates

From recording every financial transaction to identifying potential pitfalls, it has a solution you need to know. As we said earlier, GL is the foundation of an organization’s financial reporting system. But, if you don’t know what effective GL management is, you’re one step away from making a big wrong decision. With an expense Ledger, […]

How to Show CFA Designation on Your Resume

We encourage you to use these samples as a starting point and showcase your achievements in the CFA program. You can put it next to your name, in the resume overview, in the education/work experience how to put cfa level 1 on resume section, as well as the certificate/professional designation part. Choose the place where […]